1. Write down the name of the building with a question mark.

2.Write down the name of the building marked with a question mark.

3. Write down the name of the building having a question mark.

4. Write down the name of the building which has a question mark.

(Situatation:There are buildings in the picture. There is a question mark in a space next to a building. Students are supposed to write down the name of the building listening to the tape. Which one is correct, #1 or #2? Are both OK?)

asked by John
  1. Is the question mark NEXT TO the building or marked ON THE ROOF of the building?

    If it's NEXT TO the building, then say this: Write down the name of the building next to the question mark.

    If it's ON THE BUILDING, then say this: Write down the name of the building with a question mark on it.

    posted by Writeacher

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