Which equation is set up correctly to determine the volume of a 3.2 mole sample of oxygen gas at 50°C and 101.325 kPa?

V=(3.2 mol)(8.314 L⋅kPa/K⋅mol)(323 K)101.325 kPa

V=(3.2 mol)(8.314 L⋅kPa/K⋅mol)(50∘C)1 atm

V=(8.314 L⋅kPa/K⋅mol)(50∘C)(3.2 mol)(101.325 kPa)

V=(3.2 mol)(8.314 L⋅kPa/K⋅mol)(1 atm)(323 K)

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  1. V=(8.314 L⋅kPa/K⋅mol)(50∘C)(3.2 mol)(101.325 kPa)

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