physics need asap help

Two masses m amd 2m approach each other along a part right angles to eachother. After collision, they stick together and move off at 2m/s at an angle 37¤ to the original direction of m....what is the initial speeds of the particles???

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  1. initial x momentum = m u
    initial y momentum = 2 m v

    final x momentum = 3 m (2) cos 37
    final y momentum = 3 m (2) sin 37

    u = 6 cos 37
    v = 3 sin 37

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  2. add up the momentum vectors. Assuming the particles are moving in the +x and +y directions before the collision, with speeds u and v,

    <mu,0> + <0,2mv> = <3m*2sin37°,3m*2cos37°>

    now just solve for u and v.

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