Social Studies

In the text, You read this about the bank of the united states: The bank of the united states had been a subject of dispute since its early days. The bank had greate over the nations banking system because it controlled loans made by state banks. When the banks directors thought that state banks were making too many loans, they limited the amount these banks could lend. The cutbacks angered farmers and merchants who borrowed money to buy land or finance new business. Which of these groups were most likely to be concerned about the Bank of the United States? A.Ordinary labores. B.International Businessmen**** C.people in favor of states rights. D.Those in favor of a strong central government

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  1. I chose B

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  2. I'm not sure, but this may help:

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  3. Thank You So Much

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  4. You're welcome.

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  5. Can you answer the question instead of just giving us a link. Because this is the only jiskha link that has my question. But you don't even answer it. Please

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  6. It is B.

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  7. It's C. It has to do with state rights.

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  8. What are all of the answers to the quiz?

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