Assume that the reaction was limited by the surface area of the nails, making Fe the limiting reactant. Based on the decrease in the mass of nails, calculate theoretical yield of copper.

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  1. Solid CuCl2 is 2.03g
    Fe before reaction reaction 2.0072g
    Decrease in nail mass 0.32239

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  2. mass Fe used = 0.32239. Convert that to mols. mols Fe = g/atomic mass = ?
    Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert mols Fe to mols Cu product. That's
    ?mols Fe x (3 mols Cu/2 mols Fe) - ?mols Fe x 3/2 = ?
    Then convert mols Cu formed to grams. g Cu = mols Cu x atomic mass Cu. This is the theoretical yield.

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