Which word best completes the sentence?
_______chica es muy reservada.
A. El
B. La ****
C. Ella
D. Èl

Which word best completes the sentence?
Carolina es_______ amiga simpática.
A. una ****
B. ella
C. un
D. el

3. What type of islands are the Galápagos islands?
A. continental
B. barrier
C. volcanic ****
D. coral

4. Which of the following countries does not participate in the Pan American Games?
A. Mexico
B. Canada
C. Germany ****
D. Cuba

5. The 2015 Pan American Games takes place in _______.
A. Ecuador
B. United States
C. Peru
D. Canada ****

My Answers ****
Can someone check my answers?

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asked by Just a confused person...
  1. I agree with your answers.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. these answers are 100% correct i just took the test! ;)

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    posted by shay
  3. THESE ANSWERS 100% right

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    posted by Shon
  4. Your answers are correct!

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    posted by JustAnotherWeirdOneInTheCrowd
  5. The correct answers are

    100% right 5/5

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    posted by Anonymous
  6. thanks anonymous

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    posted by lil skies<3

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