AP World Civilizations

I have to take cornell notes on each chapter of my book. Right now I am on chapter 8. The subject is African Civilizations and the Spread of Islam. I am having troubles coming up with questions to ask. Does anyone have any suggestions of types of questions I could ask? And what questions are better than others? Just suggestions; they don't have to pertain to the subject, I just need ideas. Thanks.

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asked by Kiley
  1. These sites may give you some ideas.


  2. http://wiki.43folders.com/index.php/Cornell_Notes


    The questions need to come from the text you're reading or the class you're participating in.

    You should be able to come up with at least one question per paragraph. After reading each paragraph, ask yourself what the main idea of that paragraph was -- then turn it into a question.

  3. Most of the sites I'm finding are either telling me how to take the notes, which I already know how. I'm just not sure what kind of questions would help me more. Do you know what i mean?

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    posted by Kiley
  4. Oh okay, that kind of helps more. Thanks.

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    posted by Kiley
  5. You're welcome. =)

  6. In 1520 the Aztec MExica capital of tenochtitlan was

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  7. I need to response to my classmate about HIS104 Civilization

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  8. The May Fourth Movement looked to the October 1917 __________ Revolution in __________ as a model for China’s own nationalist revolution.

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