What are some similarities between humans and machines?

In what ways are humans and machines different?

What are some conflicts between humans and machines that have arisen in the past?

What conflicts might occur in the future?

Can these conflicts be resolved?

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  1. And you're expecting people to answer these questions so you can copy and paste??

    What do YOU THINK about each of these questions? If you let tutors here know what YOU THINK, there will be something to respond to.

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  2. You have anger problems witeteacher

    You didn't have to give her the answer all u could have done is just help her understand....

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  3. I agree!
    Don't treat people like that just help them.
    Thank You
    Sorry that he treated you in that way.( :

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  4. What are some similarities between humans and machines?

    In what ways are humans and machines different? 1. Humans experience emotion, while machines do not. Machines take up human jobs and will affect the planet with pollution.

    What are some conflicts between humans and machines that have arisen in the past? 2. Humans can get fired because their factory starts using machines. Some humans can use robots to clean their house, like a intelligent robot vacuum.

    What conflicts might occur in the future?
    3. Humans can lose all their jobs and machines can take over.
    Can these conflicts be resolved? Possibly.

    You have to explain it in your way, don't cheat next time Iowa Connexus student

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  5. Although Kreaah was correct here is a more in depth answer you might want to change it up though and not plagiarize. As it is against the law and the rules.

    What are some similarities between humans and machines? They can be similar in many ways. Machines can be made to do the exact same thing that humans get paid for such as self check out instead of having a cashier. In what ways are humans and machines different? In one way of many ways that machines and humans are different is emotion. Machines can not have emotion in any way that they are programmed. What are some conflicts between humans and machines that have arisen in the past? This problem is occurring now and in the past. Machines are taking some jobs from humans. Such as, self check outs. You don't think much of it but that is taking away a job from someone who could be helping you get checked out while making a pay check. What conflicts might occur in the future? One problem or conflict is that we/ humans could eventually run out of jobs. machines could potentially "take over". Can these conflicts be resolved? These conflicts can be resolved by not building machines that are not necessary. Not building a machine that human labor can take care of.

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  6. I'm not sure if this is for a homeschooling sight I have heard of on this site. Connexus I think. If there is answer choices i'm not sure but here is my answer to the questions you asked.

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