Three bags of wheat,two bags of corn, and one bag of oats weigh the same as one bag of wheat,one bag of corn and five bags of oats,if two bags of corn and one bag of oats weights 25 pounds and one bags of corn weights 10 pounds,How much does one bag of wheat weight?

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  1. 3w + 2c + t = w + c + 5t
    2w = 4t -c

    2c +t =25

    c = 10

    so 2(10) + t = 25 t = 5

    2w = 4(5) -10
    w = 5

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  2. A restaurant offers a new promotion of 20% off,the original price of cheese pizza,which is $12 before the promotion 250 pizzas were sold each day.after the promotion the sales of pizza increase an average of 18% more per day.
    How much more or less does the restaurant make each day in pizza sales after the promotion?

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  3. jlk

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