A 100-watt light bulb radiates energy at a rate of 100 J/s. (The watt, a unit of power or energy over time, is defined as 1 J/s.) If all of the light emitted has a wavelength of 525 nm , how many photons are emitted per second?

okay so i do:
and i got 3.7862 *10^-24 J
(100J/S)*(photons/3.7862 *10^-24 J)
i got = 2.641*10^20 photons/second

im doing this on mastering chemistry and its saying its wrong!!??? i don't understand where my mistake is.

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  1. okay so i do:
    and i got 3.7862 *10^-24 J

    Number Photons/sec=100/3.7862 *10^-24=2.64117057e25

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  2. yeah, thanks haha i was off by 10^5 ughhh thank you so much, though

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  3. Isn't the speed of light 3.0*10^8 though instead of 3.0*10^3?

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  4. Hi, I have for a constant for c is 3.00 x 10^8 and for the denominator ( 5.25 x 10^-9) after I converted it from nm to m. why are you exponents different? thanks

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