1. When farming, overgrazing, climate change, and/or seasonal drought change farmland into land that cannot support plant life, it is called (1 point)
a. desertification. <- my answer
b. depletion.
c. deforestation.
d. monoculture.

2. Which statement below is NOT true? (1 point)
a. Deforestation makes soil vulnerable to drying out.
b. Deforestation results in loss of roots that stabilize soil.
c. Deforestation prevents desertification. <- my answer
d. Deforestation decreases biodiversity.

3. Which of the following could result from an algal bloom in a river?
a. The algae purify the water.
b. The local plants produce flowers early.
c. Fish and other aquatic life die off.
d. Plant and animal populations increase.

4. Of the following, which is most likely to result after a farmer sprays his crops with pesticides? (1 point)
a. The crops die.
b. The insect population increases.
c. The soil dries up and blows away.
d. A neighbor’s well tests positive for pesticides. <- my answer

5. The sulfur and nitrogen compounds in smog combine with water to form (1 point)
a. ozone.
b. ammonia.
c. acid rain. <- my answer
d. chlorofluorocarbons.

6. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas. Why is it considered a pollutant? (1 point)
a. It gets into natural waters and kills fish.
b. It promotes algal growth in natural waters.
c. It causes respiratory illness in humans.
d. It increases the warming of the atmosphere. <- my answer

7. Biodiversity is valuable partly because it (1 point)
a. gives us interesting things to look at.
b. tells us about many other species.
c. contributes to medicine and agriculture. <--my answer
d. provides humans with resistance to disease.

8. Which of the following is NOT a threat to biodiversity?
a. pollution
b. deforestation
c. crop rotation<--my answer
d. climate change

asked by Olivia N J
  1. All are right. :-)

    What about 3?

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Sorry 3 was supposed to be C but I am pretty sure that is right:)

    posted by Olivia N J
  3. You are correct I all of those! Here is the answers for the full quiz. Lesson14: Human Impact on Ecosystems:Unit 3 Human Impact on Ecosystems Quiz-

    1. D
    2. A
    3. C
    4. C
    5. D
    6. C
    7. D
    8. B
    9. C
    10. C

    10/10 100%

    posted by Mac N 🧀
  4. Mac N is correct 100%

    posted by Cool Police
  5. Yup Mac N is right! Thank you so much!

    posted by UrButt
  6. Thank you Mac N

    posted by Klynn
  7. Mac N's answers are 100% correct, as I already submitted the assessment with those answers.

    posted by Long-time Connexus User
  8. 100%

    posted by Anna
  9. 100% 10/10

    posted by didldly doo dah
  10. 9 and 10 aren't multiple choice

    posted by Anonymous
  11. Still correct!! Thanks a lot c:

    posted by DingDong
  12. These were nottttt correct

    posted by Don’t listen
  13. 1/8 on my quiz. thanks mac n!!! wow such correct answers!

    posted by mac n is not correct
  14. You must had a diffrent quiz i got a 10 out of 10

    posted by sup
  15. the quizzes are different if you have honors or not. quizzes with 8 multiple choice are honors. mac n's answers are for the normal quiz

    posted by mac n is probably correct

    posted by mac n is correct
  17. He specifically said which lessons it was for, so either you go to a different connexus with different answers, or you didn't read the beginning. Mac's answers were 100% correct.

    posted by Zolita
  18. All still correct! Thanks Mac N!:)

    posted by thicky G
  19. yep still correct mac. connections non honors only

    posted by nick

    posted by wow
  21. For Non Honor Connection Academy
    Here’s the right answers
    1. D)Poor Farming Practices
    2. A)Desertification
    3. C)Deforestation prevents desertification
    4. C) Fish and other aquatic life die off
    5. D)a neighbor’s well tests positive for pesticides
    6.C) acid rain
    7. D) it increases the warming of the atmosphere
    8. B) this one is too long for me and I’m lazy
    9. D) contributed to medicine and agriculture
    10.C) crop rotation
    THIS IS FOR NON Honor Student of Connection academy

    posted by Right Answer Guy
  22. 10/10 100% correct Mac n :)

    posted by Person

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