Calculate normality of 27% H2SO4

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  1. Normality =
    No. of gram equivalents of H2SO4/ volume of solution (litres)

    = (27/49)

    = 5 Normal

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  2. Technically I don't think you can work this problem without knowing the specific gravity of the solution. You can assume that the volume of the solution is the same as the mass (0.1 g = 0.1L as Sandu has done which means you assume the density of the solution is 1.00 g/mL) but of course that assumption is not exactly correct. I looked up the specific gravity of a 27.3% H2SO4 solution and found it to be about 1.2 g/mL and that works out to be about 6.6 N. So you replace 100 mL in Sandu's work with 100/1.2 = 83.3 mL or 0.0833 L and (27/49)/(0.0833) = about 6.6 N.

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  3. Thank you DrBob222 for the correction..

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