2nd attempt Essay for Photography

I posted this before, but failed to paste the essay! oops.. haha. So here's the essay. Please proofread and critique and comment. I'm not so sure about the conclusion. It feels a little weak to me..thanks!!!

People seek the answers of their own questions about their lives. What defines us? What motivates us? What is beauty and whom defines the standards? What is life and what is death? Throughout our limited time on earth we thrust ourselves into a cycle of self-realization. Each of us go through the routine of being born, questioning our relationships, our political views, and then we end the cycle in death. Combining a serious approach with a humorous stance, Duane Michals has attempted to answer his own questions about life by defining time, relationships, politics, and death. He has explored his inner emotions through his unconventional photography, philosophical prose, and unrestricted imagination.

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asked by michelle

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