History PLS HELP

Which two of the following characteristics are necessary for a state to exist? Select all that apply. (2 points)
1. territory ***
2. judiciary
3. sovereignty
4. constitution
5. federal system
6. organized government ***
7. seperation of powers


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  1. I agree.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1 C

    2 B

    3 D

    4 A F

    5 B

    6 D

    7 D

    8 B

    9 C

    10 D

    11 B

    12 B

    13 A

    14 A

    15 C

    16 A

    17 D

    18 C

    19 C

    20 B C

    21 A D E

    22 C

    23 B E

    24 D

    25 D

    26 C E

    27 C

    28 A D

    29 D

    30 C

    31 A D D E

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  3. free answers is correct

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  4. i luve u free answers'

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  5. thanks fee answers!

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  6. free*

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  7. he is so right !!!

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  8. Yayyyy I got a 97 on my test

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  9. Is this for the Connections Academy Civics test?

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