A long, heavy rope hangs straight down from a high balcony on an apartment building. The lower end of the rope hangs about 1.0 m above the ground. If you grab onto the lower end and waggle it back and forth with constant frequency f, a wave travels up the rope. What would happen to the frequency and wavelength of the wave as it travels up the rope? For each property, state whether it would increase, decrease or remain the same, and explain briefly.

I'm saying that frequency increase because as the wave travel upward there is more tension, with more tension there is higher velocity. Can someone help me if its right or not and I'm not sure about the wavelength.

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  1. the tension is constant through out the string, so your explanation is not valid.

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  2. result is right

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  3. will stay the same

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  4. The frequency will remain the same and the wavelength will increase.

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