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Those who brought Accusations of Witchcraft in the Salem Trials?

A:Were almost exclusively the poor and powerless.

B:Mostly young girls


D:Woman who had been in trouble with the law

E:included both low-status individuals and prominent citizens.

How did the Glorious Revolution change the relationship between the colonies and Great Britain?

I:Great Britain re-establishes representative governments in the colonies

II:Great Britain ensured religious freedoms for Protestants.

III:Great Britain denied political freedoms to Catholics.

I and II**

II and III


I and III

I, II and III

asked by Marylyn
  1. mostly young girls (under pressure from adults).

    on the second, answer I for certain, I am not so convinced on II, nor III, as Great Britian pretty much after the "revolution" to let the colonies do what they wished. No doubt, Catholics were supressed, but it was by the Protestants who lived in Maryland, not Great Britian.

    posted by bobpursley
  2. Thank you! On the second question, those are the only choices, there is not just I. I'm just going to have to try harder to figure it out. Again my thanks!

    posted by Marylyn

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