Social Studies

2. Why were Northern states in favor of Hamilton’s protective tariff? (1 point)
The tariff protected the North from paying any additional fees when exporting their goods.
The tariff allowed manufacturers in the North to charge higher prices for their products.
The tariff made goods produced in the North less expensive than imported goods.
(The tariff had less of an effect on businesses in the North than it did on those in the South.) My answer

It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world; so far, I mean, as we are now at liberty to do it; for let me not be understood as capable of patronizing [supporting] infidelity [disloyalty; unfaithfulness] to existing engagements. I hold the maxim [wise saying] no less applicable to public than to private affairs, that honesty is always the best policy. I repeat, therefore, let those engagements be observed in their genuine sense. But, in my opinion, it is unnecessary and would be unwise to extend them.

- Washington’s Farewell Address

Use the excerpt to answer the question.
3. What did Washington mean when he wrote that the maxim “honesty is the best policy” should be applied to foreign relations? (1 point)
The United States should have announced that it was cutting off relations with other nations.
The United States should have terminated its formal relationships with European nations.
There was no need to be coy about U.S. intentions to avoid permanent alliances in the future.
(The president should privately reassure foreign leaders that America stands with them but publicly maintain a separation from other nations’ policies.) My answer

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  1. Both are wrong.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. These are wrong you need to read the book

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  3. is it A? I'm taking this test

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  4. The answer to number 2 is c

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  5. what are the answers to the rest

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  6. What is 3 please

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  7. ill give the answers when i’m done with the unit 5 lesson 4 quiz for social studies guys

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  8. fate can you please tell the answers so i can double check my answers

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  9. Does anyone have answers to the rest of the quiz?

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  10. u know I will just give answers around 4

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  11. 1. B
    2. C
    3. C
    4. A
    5. B
    6. B
    7. A & C
    8. D
    9. B
    10. B
    11. YOU CAN ANSWER !

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  12. thxs... totes life savr☺

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  13. during medieval times Europe's major cities would most likely be located in which of the following?

    mountain ranges
    which Germanic tribe defeated the last roman army i western Europe?

    the Jutes
    the Saxons
    the Huns
    the Franks
    what would one step that Charlemagne took to help unite his kingdom?

    he chose a single strong heir to inherit his throne
    he drove muslim forces out of Europe
    he created and supported schools
    he declared himself head of the catholic church
    how did pope Leo lll's crowning of Charlemagne as emperor of the Romans symbolize an increase in the church's power?

    it suggested that emperors had the right to choose the pope
    it suggested that the pope had the power to choose an emperor
    it suggested that the pope had the power to rule the empire
    it made the pope part of the emperor's court

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  14. connexus student is 100% correct! Thanks!

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  15. yall lied are yall kidding me!

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