How did Native Americans influence other parts of the world?

A. They taught settlers how to grow crops that were traded with other countries.

B. They were taken as slaves to other parts of the world where they grew crops.

C. The millions of Native Americans who died from diseases significantly affected global population.

D. They taught settlers how to make weapons that were then traded with other countries.

I'm in between A, or B. Can someone help me?

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  1. B is nonsense.
    Native Americans did not work out as slaves even here in America. They revolted or died. That is why the European creeps started importing slaves from Africa.

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  2. Ah, okay. Since it isn't B, I looked over in my History book - I'm in between A and D. now.

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  3. Oh come on! Native Americans did not have gunpowder. The European invaders did. Both had bows and arrows and hatchets. The Spanish horses were their best weapon though. Of course blowguns were kind of unusual in 17 th century Europe but I am not sure that is what we are talking about :)

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  4. Aha, no, it isn't what we're talking about!!

    So, what I'm thinking is - the answer is A. Since C doesn't make any sense, like how does death influence America????

    But if it is C, then that'll make me learn. Overall, thank you for your help Damon!! I appreciate it.

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  5. Yes A, like corn
    You are welcome.

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  6. http://agron-www.agron.iastate.edu/Courses/agron212/Readings/Corn_history.htm

    by the way American tribes were so thinly spread out that even if every single person one died it would have been just a blip in global population

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