6. Which of these were reasons for Columbus is first voyage from Spain select all that apply
(A )Spain wanted to discover new land for settlement
( B.) He went in search of an easier route to Asia
C. He sought to bring back Native Americans for slavery
D. Spain wanted to control the spice trade

9. Based on what you know about Native American relationships with the Spanish colonists what can you infer about the way Spanish viewed Native Americans?
A. Spanish colonists all Native Americans as her equals
(B.) Spanish colonists felt that they were superior to the Native Americans
C. Spanish colonist admired Native Americans
D. When is colonist had mixed feelings towards the native Americans

10 what was the primary goal that Spanish settlers shared in the south and southwest regions?
A. Gaining global power
B. Finding wealth
C. Conquering the Native Americans
D. Entering the fur trade business

11. Which of the following were problems faced by the English colonists at Jamestown?
( A.)the colony employed many indentured servants and paying them was difficult
B. They settled in an unsecure location and were vulnerable to Spanish attack
(C.)The location of the colony made life difficult for the settlers
D. The settlers believe that farming was beneath them so they did not plant crops for the winter

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  1. 10?

    11. No.

    The others are right.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 10 B?

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  3. Is 11 B and D then?

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  4. 11. D is right. I'm not sure about B. Check your text.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. I'm sorry! You did use parentheses to indicate your answers. I missed that. Glad Ms. Sue caught it!

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  6. OOF, Ms.Sue is 11 Years Old Trying to be a Teacher by Giving links smh why are u here if all your gonna do is talk about us cheating when ur looking for answers too?

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  7. Um this is for the quick check
    1 AD
    2 B
    3 D

    it's 100% I promise

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  8. thanks so much OwO

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  9. thanks OwO

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  10. Ya Ms.Sue

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  11. 1. Agriculture, also known as farming, provided extra food, allowing native populations to increase.
    2. to find an easier trade route to Asia
    3. They wanted religious freedom.

    for cba :[

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  12. hey Worthless</3
    gooda job

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  13. It is C and D, In the textbook reading I have, "The swampy land would prove challenging for the colonists." Furthermore, the Colonists, may have believed that farming was beneath them, this was not stated directly from the text, however, it does state they didn't plant enough crops for the winter.
    The answers are C, and D.

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