History hellp pleasse


please help with my question

Even if you didn't mind the consequences , why would you still be very unwilling to speak out against hitler and the Nazi ?

Please help

That is obviously a personal opinion you need to decide on and then be able to explain.

Consider this: If you saw a group of your friends surround another person or pair of people and then proceed to hurt them and eventually kill them, would you report them?

You can alter the specifics in that question in several ways. Be sure to consider alternatives. What if "your friends" were changed to "the governor and three of his friends"? What if "another person or pair of people" were changed to "three people from your church"? What other changes could you make? Would your reaction change with each change you make in the details?

Let us know what you decide. Re-post and someone here will be able to critique your thinking.

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asked by AQW

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