The government under the Articles of Confederation did not have enough power to regulate trade and collect taxes. Congress only had the power to request what they needed, but could not legally enforce it on the states. Even the states refused to pay tax to the government resulting in small fights with each other hurting the interstate commerce. Without the help of the states, the government was unable to pay off the debts it made during the revolution. Even if Congress had decided to pass measures, they needed the approval of nine states out of thirteen. However, most of the time, the states ignored Congress’ needs, which made Congress even more insufficient to run the nation. Congress could not get involved in foreign trade affairs, but the states managed trade negotiations with outside countries on their own resulting an independence from Congress. The inability to trade and tax made it impossible to protect the nation from the borders of Britain and Spanish during the revolution.

i feel like something is missing in this is paragraph but i don't know. so is this okay or do i need to add more

I am not going to rewrite it for you. What you have is way too many clauses set aside with commas,long sentences, and it makes the sentences unreadable. Rewrite using short sentences. Short sentences are easy to read. Make them flow from one to another, by not changing subjects rapidly.

The last sentence makes no sense: Why would the borders of Britian and Spanish (sic) threaten America? What revolution? This sentence is illogical, and confusing. Rethink it.

Now, look at the above statements I made. Notice how short and direct the sentences are? Aim for that style. Short sentences fit to our eyes and into our brains.

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