Wold History

Having a hard time in World History! Please let me know if these are right and if not please tell me the answers!

1. How did the religious beliefs of the ancient Israelites differ from those of other nearby peoples?

The Israelites believed in many gods, while other peoples believed in only one God.

The Israelites believed in one God, while other peoples believed in many gods.***

The Israelites had written records of their religious beliefs, while other peoples did not.
2. According to Israelite belief, what was God’s covenant with Abraham?

The covenant makes the Israelites the chosen people, expressing the belief that God has a plan for the people of Israel.***

The covenant makes the Israelites the chosen people, expressing the belief that God wants them to have many children.

The covenant makes the Israelites rulers of Canaan, expressing the belief that God thinks they are powerful warriors.
3. Which political principle is supported by the Ten Commandments?

Democratic elections

Popular sovereignty

Rule of law***
4. Which of the following statements best describes the Israelites?

They made a covenant with the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar allowing them to return to Canaan.

Their kingdom was divided into two, Israel and Judah, after Solomon’s death.

They never established a united kingdom, even after Moses led them from Egypt.***
5. Which term best describes the spread of Judaism beyond Southwest Asia?

The Exodus

The Babylonian Captivity

The Diaspora***
6. What was one important effect of the development of monotheism?

It inspired Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Solomon’s great temple.

It formed the basis of three major world religions.***

It introduced the patriarchal society to ancient civilizations.
7. Which of the following describes the continuing relationship of the ancient Israelites with God?

The Ten Commandments

The Code of Hammurabi

The Torah***
8. How did the Ten Commandments influence later political and legal ideas? Select the TWO that apply.

By promoting social responsibility***

By establishing trails by a jury of peers

By supporting the idea that laws should apply to everyone equally***
9. Which of these statements best describes Solomon’s rule as king of Israel?

His military operations secured the borders of Israel.

He united the 12 separate tribes of Israel.***

His diplomacy aimed to increase Israel’s regional influence.
10. What caused Jacob to take his family to Egypt?

A drought

A plague

A famine***

asked by J
  1. 4 is still wrong. The others are right.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. 4 is B and 9 is C.. Other than that they are all right (:

    posted by Kitten
  3. kitten is right and everything else is 100%

    posted by plum
  4. Kitten is correct! Thank you!

    posted by Klynn
  5. 1. B
    2. A
    3. C
    4. B
    5. C
    6. B
    7. C
    8. B and D
    9. C
    10. C

    posted by Anonymous
  6. Anonymous is right! 11/11 100%

    posted by Reagan
  7. this anonymous guy is correct i just took the test!

    posted by Shay
  8. Alright I have the answers finally! MAH HAHAHA (cough, cough....) You guys don't know how long I have been looking for these answers, thank you so much!

    posted by Sunset Melody Shimmer
  9. YES! Thanks

    posted by Velocity
  10. anonymous is correct

    posted by also anonymous
  11. Anonymous is right

    posted by anonymous muah ha ha ha
  12. if you are in connection than quesion 1 is actually 2 and question 2 is actually 3. the answer for the real question 1 is A. anonuymous is correct on everything else. thanks

    posted by connections student

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