In the reaction CaO(s) + SO2(g) ---> CaSO3(s)

(Hint: try drawing the Lewis structures of SO2 and SO32-)

a. ) Ca2+ acts as a Lewis base, and SO32- acts as a Lewis acid.
b. ) SO32- acts as a Lewis base, and SO2 acts as a Lewis acid.
c. ) O2- acts as a Lewis base, and SO2 acts as a Lewis acid.
d. ) SO2 acts as a Lewis base, and O2- acts as a Lewis acid.
e. ) SO2 acts as a Lewis base, and Ca2+ acts as a Lewis acid.

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  1. An electron acceptor is a Lewis acid.
    An electron donor is a Lewis base.

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  2. would it be c)?

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  3. I believe c is right. Can this question have more than one answer? What's wrong with answer b?

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