criminal justice

How would advances in criminal justice technology would improve resource deployment. More specifically, in addition to giving an overview and several examples of advancing technologies in the criminal justice field, with the main focus on information and dispatch systems, including information about how resource allocation benefits from improvements in those areas.

Thank you for your help.

what class are you taking i know you say criminal justice but what coarse and in what school.I think I can help you with that...

The school is AIU and the course is Police Technology in the book by Raymond E. Foster 2005. In unit 4- In. Pr. I would appreciate any suggestion that you may have. I have some ideas on this unit but I am afraid it is not right. This professor is kinda hard and this is my last class and I can't fail it. Thanks for any help that you can offer.

try calling this number is if you have you have questions towards criminal technology and tell them what you think it is...basically your opinion and see what they say. I found it of from searching the webpage...the number their is 909-599-7530. I remember that question because I took that class by mistake but I can't find the assignment where i put the answer....Good luck if anythign try researching and hopefully someone else could provide you with more help...Sorry..

Thanks for your effort, I appreciate it very much.

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