2. Your friend John complains about his poor grades. You go to his house to study one day. The only place John has to study is at the kitchen table. While you are there, his younger brothers run through the kitchen screaming over and over again. What advice would you give John?
A. Lock the kitchen door.
B.Try studying on the couch in front of the television instead.
C. Wait to study until right before you have to take your test.
D. Try studying at the library instead of at home. ••


What is the most effective way to begin studying a lesson?
A. Make up questions about the lesson.
B. Look at the headings and subheadings of the lesson to get an idea of what the lesson is about. ••
C. Review the lesson that comes after it.
D. Look ahead to see if the material in that lesson will be tested.


What is the importance of questioning in the SQ3R system?
A. Questioning helps you read the material quickly.
B. Questioning keeps your brain actively trying to find answers while you are reading. ••
C. Questioning helps you identify questions that will be on the test.
D. Questioning helps you survey the reading material.


What is the importance of the reciting step in the SQ3R system?
A. Reciting the answers to questions out loud helps you remember the answers to those questions. ••
B. Reciting the answers to questions out loud is the only way to study for a test.
C. Reciting the answers to questions eliminates the need to take notes.
D. Reciting teaches you to memorize the entire lesson, word for word.

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  1. all correct.

    The best way to study is do all of the above, but take notes in class and during reading, and use those study notes to review for tests.

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  2. yes 100%

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  3. UNIT 1 LESSON 11

    Quick Check:
    1. A
    2. D
    3. B
    4. B
    5. A



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  4. theseareredbottoms is 100% correct :)

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  5. thesearereredbottoms is 100% correct

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  6. hoi

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  7. a
    i got them all right

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