Need help with adding subtracting decimals.

In this unit, you learned about fractions that can be written as terminating decimals and fractions that can be written as nonterminating decimals. Create an addition word problem and a subtraction word problem using fractions. Show how to find the solution to each problem. Once you find the solutions to your problems, rewrite the solutions as either a terminating or nonterminating decimal.

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  1. do this:

    4/5 + 19/20= ?

    combine the fractions, divide the numerator of the improper fraction by the denominator to see if it is repeating, or non repeating.

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  2. 5.078 to the nearest hundreths place

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  3. Hi bobpursley!

    I can take it from here thank you!

    Open hours - 1:00 - 5:00

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