I am having trouble with this assignment. I don't want answers to all of these but if you could help me with one so i get an idea of the assignment. no chart needed just an example. pleeze. thanks

Using a simple chart for display, create mnemonics for the following terms:

Iconic Memory
Echoic Memory
Primacy Effect
Recency Effect
Semantic Memory
Episodic Memory

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since the use of mnemonics is to assist your memory, are you simply trying to remember the word "store?" Do you then mean the "building" such as Macy's or "to store" as in the sense of "accumulate/lay away?" The next step is to find an abbreviation or word that would bring that concept to mind.

thank you very much...that is what i thought..also for the word encoding...would that be an example such as painting...if you were to study the painting for a lenght of time, you would be able to recall the i on the right track :)

The best mnemonics are those that relate specifically to you and your life.

For example, since iconic memory is visual sensory memory, you could use an icon on your computer screeen that you see flashing quickly.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

yes, that helps. thanks alot

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asked by key

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