Use Property 2 to simplify each of the following radical expressions.

sqrt (10)/ sqrt(49)

My answer: sqrt (10) / (7)

THis next one i need help:

Use the properties for radicals to simplify each of the following expressions. Assume that
all variables represent positive real numbers.

sqrt ((12x ^3)/(5))

THis is what i have so far but i'm not sure :

(sqrt (4x^2 X 3x) X sqrt(5))/(sqrt(5))

i don't know what to do next...

right on one.

sqrt( (4x^2 X 3x)/ sqrt(5))

i don't know what to do next...
bring the 4x^2 out..
2x sqrt (3x/5)

first thing I would do would be to rationalize the denominator
(sqrt (60x^3))/5
then I would simplify the top

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asked by jas20

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