To make my question clearer,
I will ask: In fraction word problems I have a hard time telling the difference between a multiplying problem and a division problem, can someone tell how to tell the difference.{In detail}
Thank You

Give us an example of both. Then we can show you specifically.

Okay, say if you had a question that says: Dorthy weighs 700 ponds and 1/10 of that weight is her head how much does her head weigh?
Another question: 3/5 of the bears are awoke. 2/8 of the awoke bears are making noise. What fraction of the bears are making noise?

I want to know which question is a dividing problem and why, and which one is a multiplication problem and why.

Please read the following website carefully.

1/10 of indicates multiplication because it has the word of

1/10 times 700=70
head weight- 70 pounds

same with bears

3/5 times 2/8=6/40 0r 3/20

For more help browse here:

Thank you. I have one more quetsion about this same subject and then I will get out your hair, Okay what if you have a question that says A batch of 25 cakes uses 3/4cups of eggs. How much eggs is in each cake?

Or Each ice cream cookie wieghs 36 ounces. 4/5 of that weight is made up by the ice cream. How much does the ice cream wiegh.

Which is division and which is multiplication?

To the previous question, please state why it is mulitiplication or division in detail

Thnk you so much

the word 'each' at the end indicates you will be dividing. So
3/4 divided by 25 = 3/100
so there is 3/100 cups of egg per cake.

The word 'each' at the begining indicates multiplication

36 times 4/5 = 28 4/5 ounces

that's 28 and four fifths ounces

Word problems are notoriously hard. Looking for key words is a somewhat a weak way to analyze them. In both cases above the word each is in them. All I can tell you is to use the resources I gave you and practice them, and double check your answers. If you get stuck on specific problems post them here for us to help you.

The web sites that you gave me didn't give all the keywords. See I will like to know them all. Can you please give me all of them.

Thank you so much. I never had a problem with these subject it is just pre algebra stumps me. But thank you any way.

ok i will show you some key words ok.
i hate word problems but you will see they are useful in life. Say this twenty more than three times a number.20+3n=-4.write twenty "more than" means add.ten 3 "times" a number times means multiply. then "n" means number. is means equals. hope i helped you.

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