CHECK MY ANSWERS American Government

my answers have * next to them

1. A political system that separates the law-making and law-enforcing branches is called what? (1 point)
a federal system
a parliamentary system
a presidential system***
a unitary system
2. Which of the following statements best describes a federal system of government? (1 point)
Independent states form an alliance and give up clearly defined and limited powers to a national government.
The national government holds all power, creating and abolishing local governments as it wishes.
State or regional governments share power with a national government.**
States hold all the power and there is no central government.
3. Which forms of government are most associated with the United States? (1 point)
democratic, republican, federal, and presidential***
democratic, republican, unitary, and parliamentary
democratic, monarchic, confederate, and anarchic
democratic, oligarchic, federal, and presidential
4. In which way does a dictatorship differ from a democracy? (1 point)
In a dictatorship, the power is held by one person and political party.
Leaders in a dictatorship are always democratically elected.
Dictatorships have short-term limits on their rule.
A democracy exists if the people have the power to elect a leader, whether there are one or more choices at the ballot.***

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  1. The first three are right. 4 is wrong.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. The forth one is A

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  3. 1) c
    2) c
    3) a
    4) a

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  4. C a presidential system

    C state or regional governments share power with a national government

    A democratic, republican, federal, and presidential

    A in a dictatorship, the power is held by one person and political party

    For connexus ;)

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  5. ^^

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  6. Just Finished it is 100% correct

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