Survey...please help by answering.

Hi I'm supposed to ask 5 people about discrimination. Can you please help me by answering just these 2 questions. Thank you.
1 . What kinds of discrimination have you experienced or observed?
2. What do you think can be done to end discrimination?

1. blacks looked down on.
2. education

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. When I lived in Japan I was discriminated against as a "round eye." I could fully understand the rationale, although I do not agree with it! Knowledge ought to end this problem. I used to tell my students: "It is neither better nor worse; it's just different."

1. During the height of the Civil Rights movement, I heard a white business owner in our small Michigan city say that if she had to hire blacks as clerks, that she'd lose customers. (Of course, she eventually had to hire blacks -- and she didn't lose customers.)

Within the last year in our city, a young black man was harrassed and arrested by the police for playing his car stereo too loud. The case came to trial this week and he was acquitted. The jury felt that the harrassment was caused by police discrimination against African-Americans.

2. Community awareness and pressure on those who discriminate can help end discrimination.

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asked by Amanda

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