Three pictures hang side by side on a wall. What is the total area of the wall that the pictures cover?

Length is 10 1/2 inches, 10 1/2 inches, 10 1/2 inches

Width 14 2/3 inches

Would I need to add 10 1/2 plus 10 1/2 plus 10 1/2 and then multiply by 14 2/3 inches?

Please advise how I would go about doing this math problem

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  1. That would work, since the width is apparently the same for all three, so is the length.

    total area = (21/2)(44/3) + (21/2)(44/3) + (21/3)(44/3)
    = 462
    = (44/3)(21/2 + 21/2 + 21/2) <---- your way
    = 462
    or, even simpler
    = 3(21/2)(44/3)
    = 462

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  2. Okay. I understand how to get 21/2 and how to get 44/3 because I converted the mixed fractions into improper fractions but I am confused on how you put (21/2)(44/3) + (21/2)(44/3) +(21/2)(44/3) how would I add these?

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  3. If I add (21/2 plus 21/2 plus 21/2) this equals 63/6=10.5


    How did you get 462?

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  4. no!
    when adding fractions with the same denominator like we have here, you add the numerators only and keep the denominator.

    21/2 plus 21/2 plus 21/2 = 63/2

    and (63/2)(44/3) = 2772/6 = 462

    In my actual calculation, I would have cancelled the 3 into the 63 --> 21
    and the 2 into the 44 ---> 22
    so 21(44) = 462

    looks like time to review operations with fractions.

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  5. So what you did then and I understand now how you got 63/2 because of how you explained it.

    Then you take 63/2 x 44/3=2,772/6=462
    So the total area of the wall that the pictures cover is 462 inches?

    My only other question is this- If you simplify 63/2 this equals 31.5 and if you simplify 44/3 this equals 14.6
    31.5 x 14.6=459.9
    Why would you not use 459.9 as the answer?

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  6. 44/3 is not equal to 14.6, it is 14.6666....
    so you have used a truncated decimal, so your answer is not exactly the same.
    The problem is that 44 does not divide by 3 exactly.
    try this on your calculator:
    31.5 x 14.66666... (enter as many 6's as you can)
    you should get 461.9999..
    now, for all practical purposes, isn't that 462?

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  7. 132

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