need some datas to be able to answer those questions.

Compare mechanistic and reciprocal interactionism. Give an example of reciprocal interactionism (influences among a person, a situation, and a behavior). Provide an example of mechanistic interactionism (a trait, a situation, and the relationship between a situation and trait). Do you support one view over the other? Why?

asked by rose
  1. Rose, I'm sure that your text will provide your best information.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Ms. Sue,

    I really need help I need some more informations. what's in the text is not clear for me.

    posted by rose
  3. I'm not sure you'll find anything more useful -- but check these sites.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Ms. Sue I need the definition, what you sent me is not helping

    posted by rose - Ms. Sue
  5. Rose -- if you copy the definition given in your text, I'll try to help you understand it.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  6. While mechanistic interactionism partitions the variance in behavior into that accounted
    for by persons, situations, and their interactions, reciprocal interactionism conceives of a
    more fluid and complex pattern in which person, situation, and behavior continually and
    reciprocally influence one another (Endler, 1983).

    posted by rose- (Ms. Sue)
  7. Your text does have a complex way of stating something fairly simple.

    Mechanistic interactionism is a rigid interpretation of the many varieties of human behavior. For instance, if a person is uptight about having a very clean house and continually cleans, a mechanistic interactionalism interpretation may say that that the person is obsessive compulsive.

    Reciprocal interactionism is a looser interpretation of human behavior. For instance this person who is uptight about having a very clean house may be perceived as having many issues about a clean house. S/he may come from a very neat and clean family and been taught to be extremely clean. S/he may be afraid of germs. S/he may be insecure and feel s/he is judged to the cleaniness of her house. Of -- maybe like my daugher in this week before her daughter's wedding, may just be preparing for a party for 20 people and be cleaning areas that haven't been cleaned for a long time.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  8. thanks a lot Ms. Sue, have a good night.


    posted by rose - Ms. Sue
  9. I just wanted to follow-up to this question and answer. The textbook for ths class is still the same, and is one of the worst textbooks I have ever read. The person who wrote it seems to have written it just to see how much of a prig he could sound like. It's very difficult to read, and I am fairly sure that the information I do absorb will be from what I locate on the internet, not from what I manage to decipher from this textbook.
    Ms. Sue, thanks for some clarification on the meaning.

    posted by Anon
  10. I agree with Anon.

    posted by Shay
  11. I don't know if we are in the same school or even have the same textbook, but until I came to this site I could not get the gist of them material either. My text book is like reading stereo instructions.

    posted by Amanda
  12. I have a pretty good textbook, however this particular subject my textbook was very confusing with also. It seems simple enough but as if the writers don't want to just put down the simple explanation.

    posted by City
  13. I agree also. I have gotten A's and B's in all my classes. (Not to brag, but to make a point.) In this class, I am getting a D- so far, and we are only in week three.

    posted by ALM
  14. the textbook is really hard to grasp...

    posted by oh welel
  15. this text seems to make things complicated out of something simple

    posted by TKC
  16. I am so glade you guys posted this I thought that I was the only one having trouble with this class.

    posted by AD
  17. I agree with ALM...I get very good grades in all my classes, and usually enjoy my psych classes, but this class is killing my grade as well as my self-confidence. It is hard to understand the text and the teacher is overly picky!

    posted by JRATA
  18. I have to agree with all of you. I do not understand my text book at all. Im also like all of you, am getting good grades in all my other classes and even in my Psy 265 class but I'm carrying a C+ in this class. The teacher isn't any help either.

    posted by Christina
  19. OMG that is exaclty how I was feeling when reading the text. I know Im not stupid but when I read the explanations I do feel a little slow because I know its not that hard to figure out. So why do they make it something so easy seem difficult

    posted by JK
  20. I am sure we attend the same school and the class and the book is so upsetting to read because it just dances around the subject and the answer. I thought it was just me but I hate this class

    posted by Me
  21. we must be all talking about the same school, class and yeah the teacher still there too. I have a 3.8 GPA, but so far in this class I barely maintain a C. This is ihe worst text book I ever read, dry, words so "big" I got to look yo every third word or so to make sense of it!

    posted by sandy
  22. Thank you all so much. I have the same thoughts as all of you. My guess would be the same instructor, same course, same assignment. It has been a struggle from day one.

    posted by Bonnie
  23. I agree that this text is like reading someones accounting of his past and then fitting it into the text somehow. I am surprised at how many pages there are of story telling before they actually get to the informative part for psychology.

    posted by Shar
  24. I agree with everything that has been said about this textbook. I'm not a genius but I am by no means an idiot and I can usually put things together if I really apply myself. The problem is that this text appears to be written for those that already know about the given material and not for someone that is in the early stages of learning. It is very frustrating and annoying.

    Thanks to the internet as well as responses from my classmates, I was finally able to put it all together and figure it out. It really shouldn't have taken me 20 minutes to do!

    posted by DG
  25. Wholeheartedly agree with you all. A lot of reading and one comes away more confounded by the explanation. Just when you think you have grasped the meaning it gets more confounded. The instructor no where to be found and does not answer questoins in a timely fashion needless to say I see we are all floundering. I used to think I loved the subject until this class. Not sure how i am doing in this class and quite honestly I'm too discouraged to care I just want this nightmare of a class to be over with. I guess that accounts for my headaches. I am honest and i tell the instructor in the forum for all to read that these chapters are convoluted and I believe they are retyped by someone at the college. Something should be said or done about this.

    posted by Grayson
  26. Wow. I'm so happy to find this. I had to do Google search for the majority of this class (we're only in week 3!) and we're already having problems! I've noticed the class is having problems with discussion questions and I thought I was the only one. This textbook is like reading gibberish. I thought I was stupid or my brain wasn't working!

    posted by tiffany
  27. This site has restored my confidence as well. As stated this is only the third week of class and it is difficult to comprehend and the text book is very strange. There is all of this story telling, I suppose the author thinks it will make the technical part easier to grasp or him to appear more friendly and aware of his audience. The instructor is also very picky and very accomplished and expects you to know more than is available in the text. I will conquer this class and not let it drop my A average.

    posted by Bron
  28. I agree I can not understand the text at all and it's Google that is saving me.

    posted by toni
  29. Yes, this freakin class is giving me a headache! i just read my husband the page of the textbook that 'describes' mechanistic interactionism just so that when I was done reading I could say "THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!"
    and I still don't know how to answer the DQ, instead I'm ranting on here about how I don't understand. grrr.

    posted by Love
  30. The explanation here made so much sense. I think we all must attend the same school. I have also found the definitions and understanding I need by using the internet, not the text we are provided. Fortunately I am still hanging on with a good average in this class but I believe that is only because I have found information since day one on the web.

    Thank you for making sense of this topic. :)

    posted by duchess
  31. Ha. No doubt by reading the terms y'all are using that we're all in the same class at the same school. This class is kicking my butt. And my GPA is 4.0. I read the stuff over and over again and I don't have a clue what I've read when I'm done. And my instructor, UGH. She's awful, unhelpful, unclear, and aside from posting the DQ's rarely ever participates in class at all. Not at all impressed.

    posted by Me too
  32. thanks for the help :)

    posted by Anonymous

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