Please check my answers please. Thank you!

1. The U.S. economy is a free enterprise system.


2. Work you do for pay is called a _____.

service industry
diverse workforce
volunteer job

3. When there are many people seeking the same job, this is known as a _____ of workers.


4. You can look at projections for jobs to see what opportunities others have estimated will be available in the future.


5. All of the related jobs you do during your life are called your _____.

leisure time

6. Match each term with its description.

A) How people produce, distribute, and use goods and services.
B) People who buy and use goods and services.
C) The amount of goods and services available for sale
D) A system in which individuals or businesses may buy, sell, and set prices with little government control.
E) Make or provide goods and services that consumers buy and use.

Economy - D
Free enterprise system - A
Producers - E
Consumers - B
Supply - C

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  1. Your first five answers are correct.

    In 6, A and D are wrong.

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    Ms. Sue

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