A tank and a pail contained a total of 8346 ml of water.When 314 ml of water was poured from the pail into the tank,the amount of water in the tank was 12 times than in the pail.How much water was in the pail at first?

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  1. amount in the pail --- x ml
    amount in the tank ---- 8346 - x ml

    (8346-x) + 314 = 12(x-314)
    8660 - x = 12x - 3768
    12428 = 13x
    x = 956

    state conclusion with proper units.

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  2. Excellent. Thanks for solving this sum in fine way.

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  3. Naomi, Macy, and Sebastian have 234 stamps in all. Naomi gives 16 stamps to Macy and 24 stamps to Sebastian. Naomi then has 3 times as many stamps as Macy, and Macy has twice as many stamps as Sebastian. How many stamps does Naomi have at first?

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  4. 8346/13=642(the number of water in the pail after giving 314 ml)
    so we have to add 314 so 314+642=956(amount at first)
    8346/13 because there was a total of 13 blocks in 8346ml
    no need algebra or something just unitary method!

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