1. Referring to Mike's passage, complete the next passage about the way from school to your house.

1-2. Referring to Mike's passage, write the way from school to your house in the next incomplete passage.
(There are two passages;one is Mike's passage, and the other is an incomplete passage to be filled in. Which one is suitable? Are both expressions OK?)

2. Write suitable words in the blanks.
2-2. Write suitable words for the blanks.
2-3. Write words suitable in the blanks.
2-4. Write words suitable for the blanks.

(Which one is grammatical?)

3. After you read the following passage, write it again according to the punction marks and the grammar.
(There is a passage in the parentheses, which is not grammatical. Students are to write it again based on grammar and punctuation marks. Is the expressionin 3 correct?)

asked by John
  1. #1 - It would be better to say, "Referring to Mike's passage, write down how to get from school to your house in the next passage."

    #2 - The first one is best.

    #3 - "After you read the following passage, write it again, correcting all the grammar and punctuation errors."

    posted by Writeacher

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