For his 13th birthday Adam was allowed to travel down to Sarah's Sporting Goods store to purchase a brand new fishing pole. With great excitement and anticipation, Adam boarded the bus on his own and arrived at Sarah's store. Although the collection of fishing poles was tremendous, there was only one pole for Adam and he bought it: a 5 foot, one-piece fiberglass "Trout Troller 570" fishing pole.
When Adam's return bus arrived, the driver reported that Adam could not board the bus with the fishing pole. Objects longer than 4 feet were not allowed on the bus. Adam remained at the bus stop holding his beautiful 5 foot Trout Troller. Sarah, who had observed the whole ordeal, rushed out and said "we'll get your fishing pole on the bus!" Sure enough, when the same bus and the same driver returned, Adam boarded the bus with his fishing pole, and the driver welcomed him aboard with a smile. How was Sarah able to have Adam board the bus with his 5 foot fishing pole without breaking or bending the bus-line rules or the pole?

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  1. Does the pole telescope into a shorter length?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. That's what I was wondering, but all the information that I was given is in the above paragraph so I don't know.

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