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I need a book report book that is at least high school level but is contemporary fiction and is interesting too. Do you have any ideas? I've given my teacher 3 or 4 choices but none of them are high school credit.

Choices I've Already Tried:
Leaving Jetty Road [Rebecca Burton]
To Take A Dare [Crescent Dragonwagon]
The Hunger Scream [Ivy Ruckman]

Any ideas?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, I would be very surprised if your teacher and/or school district did not have a suggested reading list. Your local librarian can also suggest some books.

From the Laurel Leaf Contemporary Fiction, here are 2 choices:

1. Princess Ashley, about teens and high school cliques

2. Children of the River, a high school student in Oregon (by Linda Crew)

There are some really great books on this reading list. It gives a brief summary so you can tell if it is something you would enjoy.

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asked by Emily

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