world geography

5. the statement below are examples of human geography except
a. interaction patterns between people
b. peoples minds and thoughts processes
c. peoples interaction within the community
d. earhts various climates and multiple layers of atmosphere. **

6. this religion is most popular in asia, parts of africa, and the middle east.
a. islam
b. buddhism**
c. christianity
d. hinduism

7. this easrtern religion has drawn the greatest number of indian followers and revolves about the belief in reincarnation.
b. buddhism
c. christianiy***
d. hinduism

8. which example best illustrates folk culture according o definiion?
a. dressing up in shirt and tie for an upcoming interveiw
b. dressing up in cowboy clothing for the annual texas rodoe competitions**
c. putting on shoes before leaving the house
d. wearing heavier clothing during winter months

9. this religion is predominan in asia, with 365 millions followers, including many chinese.
a. buddism
b. islam
c. hinduism**
d. christianity

10. which event is based on ethnic tradition?
a. election day
b. veterans day
c. new years eve
d. St.Patricks day**

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  1. You need to go back and completely re-read your text about the different religions. 6, 7, and 9 are incorrect.

    The others seem OK to me.

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