A dishonest shopkeeper has 2 false balances. One balance weighs 10 %more while buying goods and other weighs 10% less while selling the goods. Find his gain percent just by weighing.

Plzz help
How do I start and how to solve it

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  1. try using some easy numbers first.

    if buying 10 lbs, his scale says he is only getting 11 lbs.

    His selling scale says he is selling 9 lbs.

    See what you can do with that.

    Looks to me like he's losing money. Unless somehow the buying/selling is from the customer's perspective, not the shopkeeper's.

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  2. 21%

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  3. please give me the detailed solution

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  4. detailed solution

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  5. 20% profit

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  6. 1 kg 100 more 110 1 kg 10 less 90 total 200/90=22.22%

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