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1. Which of the following events happened last? (1 point)
the Stamp Act
the Intolerable Acts
the establishment of the first British colony in the New World
the Writs of Assista

2. What is a legitimate government? (1 point)
one in which government leaders obtain and keep power by using force
one that offers the fastest solutions to a nation’s problems and citizens’ needs
one that is created by a union of many smaller groups that could not obtain power on their own
one that is accepted by its people and other governments as the sovereign authority of a nation

4. Which of the following best explains the main differences among royal, proprietary, and
charter colonies?
(1 point)
Royal colonies were governed directly by the king, proprietary colonies were led by elected officials in
England, and charter colonies were led by religious officials.
Royal colonies were made up of a two­house legislature, proprietary colonies were governed by a unicameral
body, and charter colonies were composed of colonial courts.
Royal colonies had governors appointed by the king, proprietary colonies were organized by a person who was
granted land, and charter colonies were led by governors elected by male property owners.
Royal colonies had governors who were appointed by Parliament, proprietary colonies were organized by
religious dissidents, and charter colonies were set up by officials who received charters for the land.


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asked by kate
  1. 1.B - yes
    2.c - no
    4.a - no

  2. 2.B

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    posted by kate
  3. 2 and 4 are still wrong.

    You're on your own now. Please do not post these questions or answers again.

    I don't think you want help or you would have read the very clear and succinct website I posted for you.

  4. Just took this -- 100%


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    posted by anon
  5. ^ Correct! Thanks!

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    posted by Anon2
  6. Haha I love how you can just cheat in home school

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    posted by Richard
  7. Me too

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    posted by Serena
  8. lol yeah while the lame kids actually have to study

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  9. It's very rude of you guys to say that.

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    posted by Luna
  10. the lame ones are the ones that cheat. and don't say I'm a hypocrite, because I know I'm lame as frik :")
    but still
    no one is lame
    it would be best to guess your answers first, then correct them through this.
    but who cares, ya? you do you I guess :P

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    posted by Glitch
  11. Glitch
    Yes that's what I do I look it up after taking notes and if I still don't understand and I have already picked a answer I always want to make sure those A's stay A's xD

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  12. I also want to say that this is used in Cyber School as well

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  13. shut up and put your answers in damn nobody care about all that

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    posted by anon
  14. Thank anon ur awesome and 100% correct

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    posted by bleh
  15. This is 100% right I’m in CONNECTIONS ACADEMY for America government lesson 5 a special relationship—colonies and the crown. Unit 2: foundations of America government

    1: b
    2: d
    3: b
    4: c

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    posted by Jack
  16. lol

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    posted by clue
  17. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen on the internet

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    posted by anon
  18. this is more toxic than the youtube comments section hahaha

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    posted by yeet
  19. I think it’s funny that I took time to read all that

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    posted by Smkg420

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