1.The rational style of learning sometimes conflicts with the traditional school environment. Could a school be created that takes advantage of the characteristics of the rational style? How? Are there
types of learning for which the analytical style is clearly superior?

2.What study strategies can you think of that would make effective use of the levels-of-processing
approach to memory?

3.What approaches to motivation are more commonly used in the workplace? How might each approach be used to design employment policies that can sustain or increase motivation?

4.When researchers find similarities in development between very different cultures, what implications might such findings have for the nature-nurture issue?

5.Should personality tests be used for personnel decisions? Should they be used for other social
purposes, such as identifying individuals at risk for certain types of personality disorders?

6. Do you think it matters that some people have implicit biases against certain groups if those people
never express their biases explicitly?

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asked by Ashley
  1. Your teacher wants YOUR ideas, not mine.

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