a bullet is fired with velocity 55m/sec at a target.if if the sound of collision heard after 7second.find the distance between target and gun.(speed of sound in air=330m/sec

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  1. 7 seconds?

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  2. Call the time, which I think is a typo, T
    distance is d

    t1 = time out
    t2 = time back

    t1 + t2 = T
    t1 = d/55
    t2 = d/330
    d/55 + d/330 = T
    d = T /(1/55 + 1/330)

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  3. If the distance is x meters, then since time = distance/speed,

    x/55 + x/330 = 7
    x = 330m

    Now, the problem is that the bullet will drop 176m in the 6 seconds spent in the air.

    So, now we have to include the angle of the trajectory, which complicates matters some.

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