Edna and Nancy leave the house of a common friend at the same time and walk for 4 hours. Edna walks due east at the average rate of 4 kilometers per hour and Nancy walks due north at the average rate of 3 kilometers per hour. What is the straight-line distance between them in kilometers, at the end of the 4 hours?

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asked by Sasha
  1. on walked 12km, and one walked 16km at right angles.

    Isn't this a 3-4-5 right triangle?

  2. Yes, it probably is, but I have a hard time solving problems that involve 3-4-5 triangles or anything similar to that.

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    posted by Sasha
  3. Wow, Edna and Nancy walk for 16 km and 12 km??
    Can't be in 2008, they would get in their SUV's for sure, lol

    I see a right-angled triangle with sides 12 and 16, where you have to find the hypotenuse.
    Think Pythagoras !

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    posted by Reiny
  4. lol, thank you. I understand the problem now.

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    posted by Sasha
  5. 12

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    posted by dana

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