an empty rd bottle weighs 60 grams but weighs 120 gram when completely filled with water when the bottle is completely with an unknown liquid it weighs 90 gram what will be the volume of the rd bottle

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  1. just figure the mass of water, and recall that water has a density of 1g/cm^3

    No idea what the unknown liquid has to do with anything.

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  2. Mass of empty RD bottle (m1)=60 g Filled with liquid (m2)= 120g
    Filled with unkoen liquid (m3)=90g
    Mass of water = m2 - m1= 120g-60g
    Density =mass /volume
    Volume = mass /density
    = 60g *1 g / cm-3
    = 60cm-3
    Volume of water = volume of RD bottle

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  3. please work it out for me

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  4. very easy

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  5. Don't know

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  6. Solution-
    To find the volume of RD bottle,
    Mass of empty RD bottle (m1) = 60 g
    Mass of RD bottle + water (m2) = 120 g
    Mass of water = m2 -m1
    = (120 - 60) g
    = 60 g
    As the density of water is 1g/cc so the volume of water in the bottle is 60 cc. This means the volume of the RD bottle is 60 cc.
    Ans. The volume of the RD bottle is 60 cc.

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