Pre-Calculus 11

What is the entire radial form of -3* cube root of 2?

I go cube root of 54 as my answer but it is wrong

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  1. -3* cube root of 2 is a negative number, so your result has to stay negative.

    change it to

    - cuberoot(54)

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  2. isn't negative not supposed to go inside the cube root

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  3. I have one more question

    I tried this question but got the wrong answer...

    3-x= √x^2-5

    (The square root is over whole x^2-5)

    My answer was x=2/3

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  4. squaring ... 9 - 6x + x² = x² - 5

    x = 7/3

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  5. yes -∛54 = ∛-54

    Did you try your answer for the other one??
    (2/3)^2-5 is negative.
    so its square root is not real

    3-x = √(x^2-5)
    9-6x+x^2 = x^2-5
    6x = 14
    x = 7/3

    Let's try 7/3
    3 - 7/3 = 2/3
    √(49/9-5) = √4/9 = 2/3

    Check the graphs at,+y%3D%E2%88%9A(x%5E2-5)

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