1. How much (Power/Force) is required to lift 8Kg 12meters up within 15sec?

2. Can you tell me difference Power Force from that question or anyway simple?

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  1. force = m g = 8 (9.81)

    work = potential energy gained = m g h = 8 (9.81)(12)

    power = work/time

    = 8 (9.81)(12)/15

    If for some incomprehensible reason you really ant power/force, divide


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  2. im trying to understand difference between power and force. if force is 8x9.8 thn there will be downforce. but this mass is going up which should be counter to the downforce. so liftforce is clearly greater thn downforce. Please explain clearly.

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  3. I assume that the mass is going up at constant speed. Therefore the force is m*g up to balance the weight of m*g down.

    Power is another thing entirely, energy per unit time.

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