A spring with a 2-pound weight suspended is 9 inches in length. With a 5-pound weight suspended, the length increases to 13.5 inches.

Which equation does not represent the behavior of the spring?
y – 2 = 1.5(x – 9)
y – 9 = 1.5(x – 2)
y = 1.5x + 6
y – 13.5 = 1.5(x – 5)

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  1. I looked it up and according to Hook's Law, the relation is linear.

    so you have two points (2,9) and (5,13.5)
    slope = (13.5-9)/(5-2)
    = 1.5
    Using (2,9) my equation would be
    y-9 = 1.5(x-2)
    Using (5,13.5) would produce
    y-13.5 = 1.5(x-5)

    clearly the second one is wrong

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