ganga and gayatri start an enterprise by investing rs 24000 and rs 36000 respectively. their agreement is to share half of the total profit equally and then share the remaining half in the ratio of their capitals. if they share the entire profit in the ratio of their capitals gayatri would have got rs 2500 more than what she would have got otherwise. what is the total profit?

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asked by hiren
  1. Ganga received $X.
    Gayatri received (36,000/24,000) * x = $1.5x.

    x + 1.5x = P, X = 0.4P.

    x + (1.5x-2500) = 0.5P.
    Replace X with 0.4P:

    0.4P + 0.6P = 0.5P + 2500, P = $5000. = Total profit.


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    posted by Henry

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