The sum of sixth term of a.p is 72 and the second term is seven times fifth term find the first term,common difference and the sum of tenth term

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asked by morice
  1. garbled English, but I think you want

    6/2 (2a+5d) = 72
    a+d = 7(a+64d)

    solve that for a and d, and then evaluate

    10/2 (2a+9d)

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    posted by Steve
  2. S6=72
    6a+15d=72 call as eq 1
    6a+27d=0 call as eq 2

    Consider the eq 1&2 simultaneously

    6a+15d=72 eq 1
    6a+27d=0 eq 2

    Subtract 1&2

    We get


    evaluate d=-6 in eq 2

    We get a=27

    To find s10


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